La Biosthétique

La Biosthetique was found in the early 1950s in Paris. This is when the biochemist Marcel Contier developed the sensationally innovative “Culture of Total Beauty”, a harmonious blend of natural ingredients, high-quality products, and scientifically proven research that La Biosthetique still prides itself on today. La Biosthetique Paris’s holistic concept boasts a number of products and services that are in harmony with the environment not only for perfect beauty, but also for sustainability.

La Biosthetique believes in subjecting all our products to the strictest tolerability and efficacy tests laboratories offer, entirely without testing on animals, to ensure the products’ highest performance. We believe in a respectful balance of profit, environmental responsibility, and fostering growth of employees.

La Biosthetique does not settle for what is expected – we insist on going above and beyond. Without our planet, our products could not exist. We believe it is our duty to protect and respect the Earth in order to maintain our environmentally ethical business.

Cruelty-free, fair and sustainable

Colour with care

You are making a difference in someone’s life just by getting your color done in our salon!

Every time a color service is performed, a donation for each color tube is contributed by La Biosthétique to Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF Canada). With the Colour with Care program, your donation will deliver critical aid to those who are most in need. For example, every day a stylist could provide with color services the equivalence of an Emergency Nutrition Pack (Plumpy’Nut). This Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food is packed with all the essential vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins to regain a healthy body weight.

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Great Lengths

Great lengths’ patented, world-renowned bonded hair extensions use only the highest of quality 100% human hair. The Great Lengths technique uncompromisingly attaches additional strands to your own hair to create a beautiful, natural thickness and volume to fine hair.