Working Behind the Chair

I've been working with Hype Hair Studio for 10 months

Tresses Trustee

Personal Assistant for the Creative Director of La Biosthetique Canada

Hype Hair Talents

When not at Hype Hair Studio, I'm dancing at Harbour Dance Center and Culturally Defined! If I'm not dancing, I'm playing piano or singing all day long.

Hair Goals

Everything looks better in color! You change your hair, you change your life

Product Obsessions

La Biosthetique Curl Activator to style, Dry Hair Conditioner or PCC Mask for health - after years of every colour in the book, my hair finally feels beautiful again!

Work Hard, Play Hard

If I'm not dancing or singing, I'm drinking hot chocolate or at the dog beach with my puppy

Truth or Dare

I am half-Indonesian, and have lived in Jakarta, Medan and Perth, Australia!